Live events are increasingly important as part of museum and heritage site programming.  Live programming may provide ways to draw in new audiences; relatively safe opportunities to experiment; sometimes even the solution to a seemingly intractable problem.  The success of innovative projects such as Kensington’s Enchanted Palace has encouraged other museums and heritage sites.

Live programming presents particular challenges for organisations more used to static exhibitions.  My background in theatre and television has equipped me with a talent for collaboration, a clear understanding of how to engage very different audiences, and the swift problem-solving skills that come from working under immense time and budget pressure.  And of course, great storytelling instincts.  I’m able to bring a fresh approach, helping museums discover the benefits of nimbleness and innovation - whilst my clear understanding of the importance of collections, brand reputation and the visitor experience means I work productively with existing teams.

Click on the pictures below for more information on two very different projects: a year-long programme of art-science events for family visitors to the Natural History Museum; and a one night extravaganza for adult audiences at the Wellcome Collection.

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